What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the cannabis’ processed form. The cannabis parts such as the stem, leaves, and seeds are dried and processed, and now can be referred to as marijuana. Either of the names works, though, as both still bring potent effects to the user.

People refer to it as hemp, grass, bud, Mary Jane, and ganja. But it is famously known in the streets as weed or pot. Marijuana can be taken using multitude of ways. It can be smoked using cigarettes, pipes, bongs, brewed and even consumed.

People use this drug to escape from reality, stress, anxiety that problems bring to them. But the question is, how?

How Does Marijuana Work?

Regardless of the way you use it, you will still feel the effects of marijuana. So, here’s how it works. Marijuana contains various chemical compounds. These compounds are referred to as cannabinoids. In a cannabis, there are 113 and counting cannabinoids, and each has its own effect on the body.

Once taken, the cannabinoid will be traveling through the body and will attach themselves to the cannabinoid receptors. To be more exact, the compounds will travel to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain. This will result in the brain secreting dopamine to elevate the mood of the user.

But the improved mood is the only effect that the user will be experiencing. The user will feel this high or psychedelic experience that dulls their senses. Aside from those, there are also short-term and long term effects that marijuana brings.

Effects: Short-term and Long-term

Short-Term Effects

  • Your Memory may become impaired.
  • Temporarily loss of motor control.
  • Occurrence of paranoia
  • It can increase your heart, which can lead to a heart attack.
  • Hallucinations
  • Strange behavior such as psychosis

Long-Term Effects

  • Constant use may lead to addiction later on.
  • Constant use of marijuana may affect the cognitive capabilities of the user.
  • Impaired thinking may have difficulties to perform difficult tasks.
  • Social relationship problems.

Although marijuana can be considered for medical use, the fact that it is risky can never be taken for granted. Constant use may lead to changed behavior and a decline in cognitive capabilities later on.

It is still advisable that medicinal marijuana is used moderately only if the state or country permits it. In other countries, marijuana is still considered illegal, and if used it will be a cause for legal action from the government. Be aware and be responsible!