What are Cannabinoids?

For those who are taking marijuana as their medicine, they may encounter this technical term quit often. As this is an essential component of marijuana. But the real question is, what are cannabinoids?


Cannabinoids are active chemicals of cannabis. This chemical compound is released when the plant is ingested or eaten. This compound is the reason behind marijuana having medicinal properties. These compounds are duly received by the cannabinoids receptors that can be located all over the body.

The cannabinoids receptors are involved in psychosomatic or psychological processes in the body, such as the mood, appetite, pain, and memory. As the medical property of cannabis, the cannabinoids are received by these receptors, thus improving those psychological processes.

There are different types of cannabinoids present in cannabis, and each of them has its own distinct effect on the body.

Facts about Cannabinoids

There is a vast spectrum of cannabinoids present in cannabis. There are approximately 113 cannabinoids found, and there are chances that there could be more. All of these compounds have varying effects on the body as they are attached to several cannabinoid receptors found throughout the body. The widely known cannabinoid is the THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol.


The THC is the agent responsible for a person to feel high. These are attached to cannabinoid receptors that are found mostly in the areas of the brain. These receptors are engaged in different psychological processes such as memory, pleasure, thinking, pain sensation and etc.

Once the THC is linked to these receptors, the brain produces hormones called the dopamine for the user to experience euphoria, temporary happiness, and ecstasy. But the effects of the THC may only be limited up to 2 hours max.

You can also say THC is one cannabinoid that can bring treatment to its user. It can be used to treat nausea, depression, anxiety, psychosis, migraine, seizures, and many more. Although the user might experience the side effect of being high.

This is also the reason why cannabis is one of the most popular drugs to be used during leisure hours or if you want to experience psychedelic sensations.


Cannabinoids are the active compounds in the plant cannabis. Through these compounds, cannabis may be used as a treatment and cure for several illnesses. But still, this should moderately and only if it is legalized and permitted for you to use.