Cannabis 101: The Different Types

A lot of people are now using cannabis as medical measures for different kinds of illnesses. But do they know the different types? Arguably, there are a lot of types of cannabis, but people are now aware of them. What’s important to them is it gives relief and remedy their condition.

Little did they know, it is also essential to know the different types of cannabis present to fully treat their condition. The different types of cannabis have their own distinct effects on the body, so there is still a 50/50 chance that you are using one.

We can do something about that, though, and we can make your chance a 100% if you read on and discover the different types of cannabis.


The Sativa strain or type is known to improve the emotional state of an individual. Here are the different characteristics of the Cannabis sativa plant:

  • It is relatively taller than the other strain.
  • The leaves of the sativa are narrower.
  • Light green leaves
  • This strain of Cannabis tends to have extended flowering cycles.
  • This strain is more fit on warmer climates.


As it said, the sativa strain enhances the emotional state of the user. It is used to improve the overall mood of the one using it. This strain of cannabis is used to treat anxiety and depression as it may improve the energy and motivation of the user.

The sativa strain is also known to bring forth greater focus to help you go through the day. The sativa strain as a medical marijuana is best taken during the morning to fully experience its benefits.


The Indica strain, on the other hand, is known to combat physical pain and tensions. Here are the qualities and characteristics of the Indica plant strain:

  • It is shorter than the sativa.
  • The leaves are dark green in color.
  • The leaves are broader.
  • The complete flowering cycle short.
  • Fit for colder climates.


The Indica is used by people to alleviate different muscle pain or tensions. This strain is also known to bring relaxation to the user and used to help the user to have a good night’s sleep. The Indica medical marijuana is best used before you go to bed to experience a great sleep.


The hybrid is a strain of cannabis that has the balanced effects of the Indica and sativa. To make it simple, this is the result of the crossbreeding of the two strains.

Those are the different types of strains of cannabis you should be aware of. They have their own distinctive effect while the other strain has both. That’s all! And remember to use these medical drugs moderately and responsibly!