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Omri Katz reveals he was high while shooting Hocus Pocus: ‘I was having a good old time’

Doug Jones and Omri Katz in ‘Hocus Pocus’ | CREDIT: DISNEY/KOBAL/SHUTTERSTOCK

“I was misperforming and not hitting my keys or marks,” Katz tells EW with a laugh.

It was just a bunch of hocus smoke-us for Omri Katz.

As part of an exclusive roundtable interview with the OG Hocus Pocus stars (dropping in full later today), the actor tells EW that he wasn’t just running on Halloween energy on the set of the 1993 Disney classic — the then-16-year-old was actually high while filming a key scene for the film.

“That was at an age where I started experimenting with cannabis. Let’s just say, some of those scenes, I was having a good old time,” Katz recalls, adding that he doesn’t remember exactly which scenes.

“I’ll tell you what I do remember: I was misperforming and not hitting my keys or marks. Kenny [Ortega, the director] comes up to me and practically grabs me by the shirt, and he was like, ‘Are you high?’ and I was like, ‘No,’ and of course, I was,” Katz continues. “We got it done, but that was kind of a wake-up call, like, Omri, you’ve got to be a little more professional and make sure you hit your cues!”

His costar, Vinessa Shaw, butts in, laughing as she tells him that she remembers it happening during a sequence at the beginning of the film that sees Winifred Sanderson (Bette Midler) zapping Max (Katz) with a bolt of green magic inside the witches’ cottage.

“Yeah, but I didn’t look like I was getting zapped,” Katz responds. “I looked like I was getting high.” (No word on if Katz got the munchies for the chocolate-covered finger of a man named Clark.)

Though Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy reprised their roles in Hocus Pocus 2 earlier this year, Katz, Shaw, and Thackery Binx voice actor Jason Marsden all say they weren’t asked to return for the Disney+ sequel.

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Published: October 26, 2022

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