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Cannabis preroll purchasers accuse Jeeter of alleged THC mislabeling in class action suit

The complaint draws from a WeedWeek investigation that involved retesting nine California preroll products, in which the news outlet stated that infused Jeeter prerolls have “implied potency inflation.”

A class action lawsuit alleges that DreamFields Brands Inc. and Med For America Inc., which “make, sell, and market the ‘Jeeter’ brand of ‘prerolls,’” have labeled products as having higher THC percentages than those products contain.

The law firm Dovel & Luner represents plaintiffs Jasper Centeno and Blake Wilson, who the complaint states both purchased mislabeled Jeeter products at California dispensaries.

The lawsuit refers to a report by industry publication WeedWeek published in September, which states that two diamond-infused prerolls tested by the news outlet had “implied THC inflation” of 70% to 100% and 28% to 42%, respectively. These were two of nine prerolls tested by independent labs that have been vocal about the issue of potency inflation in the cannabis industry. Jeeter was one of two companies that agreed to a second test by WeedWeek and reimbursed its editor and publisher, Alex Halperin, for the cost of the products.

The complaint points to WeedWeek’s findings that both Jeeter prerolls tested had allegedly contained THC percentages that fall outside of the 10% margin of error permitted by California Department of Cannabis Control regulations.

The complaint states: “For example, the Baby Jeeter Fire OG Diamond Infused 5-Pack Preroll was listed as having 46% THC on the label. Independent lab testing showed, however, that the actual THC content of the product was substantially lower, between 23-27% THC. Thus, the THC content was overstated by 70-100%—substantially more than the 10% margin of error allowed under the California regulations.”

Referring to each of the plaintiffs, the suit states: “If he had known the truth, he would not have purchased the products, or would have paid less for them.”

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Published: October 23, 2022

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