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Indoor vs. outdoor: Which type of weed gives you a better high?

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Both outdoor and indoor marijuana are capable of producing the best weed in the land. But which gives you the best high?

Cannabis options these days are more bountiful than ever before. It seems there is a new way to consume marijuana every season and always a new strain to try out. When it comes to selecting a marijuana product, the process, while exciting, can be altogether daunting. It’s helpful to find ways of narrowing the list of choices in front of you.

If you prefer indica to sativa, for example, you can cut your list in half. This can make your selection a bit less overwhelming. Then there is the growing method to consider.

You may have heard there are some differences between indoor and outdoor marijuana. You might even notice that the buds you purchase even look a bit different depending on whether they were grown inside or in natural sunlight. This might have you wondering if these visual differences between indoor grown and outdoor grown marijuana can also affect the quality of the product. If so, when it comes to indoor versus outdoor cannabis, which type is better to buy?

Reasons to Buy (and Avoid) Indoor Grown Marijuana

Indoor cannabis is sometimes compared to growing marijuana in a laboratory, and this comparison is by no means baseless. Indoor marijuana is grown in very controlled, laboratory-like conditions. This control allows growers to extract the exact attributes they are looking for in any given strain.

This controlled and hands-on approach can lead to potent products, with several indoor varieties having higher THC content than their outdoor counterparts of the same strain. According to the cannabis technology and marketing company Leafbuyer, “In an enclosed space, you can control the amount (and type) of light your plant gets, the humidity of your growing room, and just about every other factor that goes into growing cannabis.”

When you purchase indoor cannabis, you are likely to get a controlled product, with little variation. In other words, if you are less likely to be “surprised” with indoor cannabis, as part of the goal is to remove that nuance that exists in outdoor farming.

While indoor cannabis is quality controlled and closely monitored, there are some reasons that might steer you away from cannabis grown indoors. One of these reasons is noticeable right off the bat — the price. Because indoor cannabis is grown inside a facility, there are more overhead costs. It often takes more manpower per plant to grow as well, raising the price even more. And while each plant could potentially contain more THC than outdoor plants, the yields are often much smaller.

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The other reason you might want to reconsider purchasing indoor weed has less to do with how the high feels, but rather how low the purchase might make you feel on a moral level. That is because indoor cannabis has a mammoth carbon footprint. According to New Frontier data, “Indoor cultivators use 18 times more energy to produce one gram of cannabis than outdoor cultivators use (kWh/gram).”

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Published: October 16, 2022

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