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Critics claim Cookies mural may flout draft rules for cannabis ads

A new sign painted across a small Midtown building has critics claiming it may flout the state draft regulations for advertising marijuana and stores.Stefano Giovannini

The nation’s largest cannabis lifestyle company has leased a small, but prominent, building in Manhattan’s Herald Square — which has been painted in signage that some say may flout draft state regulations for advertising marijuana and stores.

Cookies, whose co-founder, Gilbert Anthony Milam Jr. — otherwise known as the rapper Berner who was featured on the cover of Forbes’ August/September issue — leased the entire 6,600-square-foot building at 958 Sixth Ave., The Post has learned.

The San Francisco-based company confirmed it intends to open a store that, for now, will sell everything from its shirts to skateboards, accessories and legal CBD products — and also host educational classes for budding entrepreneurs.

“The NYC Cookies location will only be selling Cookies SF clothing and CBD products that are legal for sale in the state of NY,” a spokeswoman said via email. “This location in Herald Square will not have ANY THC products for sale until they are legally able to.”

The rapper Berner, who was on a recent Forbes cover, is brining Cookies to New York.The rapper Berner, who was on a recent Forbes cover, is brining Cookies to New York.  Ethan Pines / Forbes

But it’s the sign that critics point at.

The lower portion of the sign spells out the company name “Cookies,” in a fluffy cartoon-like font. The word “cookies,” as it relates to cannabis marketing, appears to be completely verboten under the draft regulations.

Comments on these rules closed on Aug. 15 — but so far ban bright neon colors along with words and symbols appealing to those under 21, “including but not limited to, any imitation of food, candy, soda, drinks, cookies, or cereal, in labeling, packaging, advertising, or marketing.”

The building’s mural is sky blue and white, and the larger north-facing facade is emblazoned with “NY” and Cookies’ logo “C.” The Herald Square side depicts a cartoon image of a young Queen Elizabeth for its pot brand “London Pound Cake 75,” plus cartoon images of the brand’s other real pot products — Bernie Hanna Butter, Pancakes and other varieties — many of which are food-related and have names that also seem to be thus far banned under New York State’s proposed advertising rules.

There’s even an image of someone smoking a joint, which David Feder, who bills himself as the Weed Lawyer, advised, “That’s a clear violation of the proposed regulations.”

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Published: October 12, 2022

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