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Professional joint roller reveals the intense test he had to complete to get the job.

Featured Image Credit: 710 Labs/Twitter.

professional joint roller has revealed the gruelling job application process he had to undergo before landing his ‘dream job’.

Thomas Indigaro decided to turn his hobby into a career by taking his love for cannabis to the next level.

While Thomas always had an affinity for the devil’s oregano, he was asked to roll 500 joints in two days as part of his application process to become a professional roller at 710 Labs.

Not your typical 9 to 5 job interview.

He told Business Insider: “I got about halfway but they were satisfied with what I was able to provide. Eventually 710 Labs offered me a full-time position, which I was extremely excited about.”

Thomas told the outlet he was friends with 710 Labs founder Brad Melshenkeat at university, and when the entrepreneur remembered his old college pal was a master at rolling joints, he reached out to him.

On a regular day, Thomas said he usually tries to roll up around 300 joints while revealing he can roll up to 60 in an hour.

While most people roll a spliff in a similar fashion, Thomas has acquired his own special technique over the years.

He said: “Most rollers use a freehand technique where they hold it above the table and form it with their fingers. I prefer to roll on a table, so the joint never comes off it.

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Published: October 11, 2022

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