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Tribal weed stores are booming. Here’s where to find them

The Las Vegas Paiute Tribal Council stands in front of the entrance to The Vegas Tasting Room, the state’s first public cannabis consumption venue. (Chris Kudialis for Leafly)

From Washington State to Nevada and New York, indigenous cannabis ventures serve millions of customers and bring revenue to dozens of tribes

Legal marijuana has been a boon to state economies across the country by just about every measurable figure. Sales, tax dollars, jobs, investments, you name it — the numbers are off the charts in pretty much all of the 14 operating recreational and 29 medical-only states.

Among the beneficiaries — and leaders — of the movement have been Native American tribes. Because they’re not subject to state law, tribal organizations have set up their own stores and systems of regulation and taxation. That means they’ve been able to offer amenities that off-reservation establishments can’t yet offer.

For example, the Las Vegas Paiute tribe opened the state’s first cannabis consumption lounge, the Vegas Tasting Room, more than three years ago. Non-tribal entities are still waiting to open their own consumption lounges (it should be soon, but that’s another story entirely).

The Paiutes also run the world’s second-largest cannabis store, the NuWu Cannabis Marketplace. Earlier this year they broke ground on a planned mega-nightclub for weed-fueled pool parties complete with DJ sets and live entertainment.

Not surprisingly, the tribe is thriving — to the tune of over $6 million per month in product sales.

“Cannabis has been our ticket to a more prosperous economic future,” said Curtis Anderson, a tribal councilman and former Las Vegas Paiute chairman. “It’s allowed us to offer college scholarships for our members, it’s improved the quality of care at our tribal clinic, and it’s given us new opportunities we could have never imagined even just a few years ago.”

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Published: October 10, 2022

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