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Pope Says Getting COVID Vaccine a Moral Obligation

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Pope Francis came out in favor of COVID-19 vaccines on Monday in some his most eloquent language to date, suggesting that getting vaccinated was a “moral obligation.” He also criticized those who spread misinformation about the coronavirus.

The Pope spoke to Vatican ambassadors every year about the church’s foreign policies. He said that people should take care of their health and this will lead to respect for others. Healthcare is a moral duty,” The Associated Press reported.

According to The Associated Press, Francis has not used such strong language about vaccinations in the past. In a tweet in August, Francis stated that getting vaccination was “a love gesture” and that it was important to help others.

He also criticised the politicization and spread of misinformation on Monday.

He said, “Often people let themselves be guided… often by the current ideology which is often supported by unsubstantiated information or unsubstantiated facts.”

He said that vaccines aren’t magical cures however, they do give the best chance of preventing disease.

Some Catholics have resisted the vaccines, saying they’re built on research using embryos from aborted foetuses. According to the Associated Press, the Vatican’s doctrine office said that it is morally acceptable to receive vaccines based on that research.

The Pope who is vaccination-free, reiterated his call for greater access to COVID vaccines and called for to change the patent laws so that countries with low vaccination rates can create their own vaccines.

“It is appropriate that organizations like the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization adapt their legal frameworks to ensure that the monopolistic rules create further obstacles to production and hinder an continuous and organized access to health care on an international scale,” he said.


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