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Hair Loss in South Korea: The Presidential Ballot

A presidential candidate’s new plan has earned him popularity for his campaign -especially among men with bald heads.

What you need to know:

  • South Korea’s presidential candidate Lee Jaemyung has suggested that hair-loss treatments should be covered under the national insurance program.

  • Although he is not bald, his idea has triggered a increase in support from bald voters Online communities that cater to people who are bald are flooded by users who show their support.

  • These treatments are currently only covered for hair loss caused by certain diseases by South Korean state health insurance but not for loss of hair as a result of hereditary or aging factors. .

  • Lee is the candidate for the current governing party in South Korea. He is currently leading public opinion surveys.

  • Critics called Lee’s proposal a populist strategyto win voters prior to the March elections.

This is a summary from the article “In South Korea: Hair loss becomes a major election issue” published on January 6, by ABC News. You can find the full article on

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