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COVID-19 Boosters Every Few Months Not Long-term, UK Science Adviser Says

LONDON (Reuters) – – It is not sustainable to give COVID-19 booster shots every 3 to 6 months over the long haul, Britain’s chief scientific adviser said on Tuesday, despite although the booster shots are essential in the short run to combat the Omicron variant.

“It could be a situation that isn’t tenable to say that everyone will require another vaccine every three or six months. This isn’t the long-term vision of where this could lead to,” Patrick Vallance said at an announcement, noting that annual booster shots against COVID-19 could be necessary, similar to flu shots.

“We were required to be up-to-date for this particular variant at this moment. So I believe there will be a change over the course of time and it will eventually settle into an easier type of vaccine program.”

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