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Work Emails that occupy your time Off Can Be Bad for Your Health

There’s no one else experiencing the feeling of not being able to get away from work and your email constantly calling you, even on the weekend of a long-awaited vacation or vacation. According to a recent survey over one in four workers feel obliged to check their email and respond to messages, even if they are not on duty.

More than half those who feel they must handle the email after-hours say work takes a psychological toll.

This year 26% of employees felt obliged to reply to calls, emails and texts from their bosses even when they were off, according to findings from an Australian survey of more than 2,200 academics and staff at 40 universities. The results were released by the University of South Australia.

According to a Gallup survey according to a Gallup poll, 6 out of 10 American workers are affected by endless emails that are sent out after hours. The difference here is 91% of respondents thought that the frequency of email after-hours was reasonable, and most did not feel it affected their mental health.

According to the Australian survey, this type of culture is evident in workplaces. Half of the students interviewed said they received work-related emails, calls and texts from their colleagues during off hours. 57% of those interviewed admitted to sending emails and texts to colleagues after work had been completed.

More than a third of workers surveyed stated that it was normal for their company to respond quickly to messages, regardless of whether they were actually working.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that work emails take a toll on both mental and physical health.

56 percent of workers feel obligated by their employer to handle their email during their off-hours. This is in contrast with 42% who unsubscribe of their company emails after they leave work. 61% of employees who were flooded with emails from work felt emotionally exhausted and 28% reported being physically unhealthy.


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