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New York Sets COVID-19 Record for Fourth Day in a Row

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New York saw a record breaking number of coronavirus cases Monday, with nearly 23400 cases in just 24 hours.

The majority of the cases were located in New York City, with more than 15,000 people testing positive.

“Everyone who hasn’t been vaccine-free, it’s time. Mayor Bill de Blasio stated Tuesday that everyone who has not received the booster was due to receive it during an announcement.

De Blasio announced the launch of a new incentive program, offering $100 to those who receive their booster shots at a city-run vaccination center between now and New Years Eve. He also said that New York health officials believe the current surge will continue to grow and will lead to a significant rise in cases. He said that the current spike is expected to last only for a few weeks.

“No more shutdowns. He said, “No more shutdowns. “We need to all band together to get through these next few weeks.”

The city’s weekly average for cases is up nearly 123 percent, according to figures presented during Tuesday’s news briefing. Although hospitalizations have risen by 12%, the majority of patients aren’t vaccinated.

According to COVID-19 data tracking from The Washington Post, New York reported 21,027 new cases on Friday, a day that began a string of record-breaking days. On Saturday, 21,908 new cases were reported. 224,78 cases were reported on Sunday, and 23391 on Monday.


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