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A complete issue of Journal on COVID-19 is accompanied by an Expression of Concern

Elsevier has devoted an entire special issue of a journalincluding a report claiming COVID-19 vaccines cause five times more deaths in those over 65 than they help -and a statement of worry.

The special issue of Toxicology reports included eight articles, including the vaccines paper that was co-authored by Ronald Kostoff.

Here are the expressions of concern. This is connected to Kostoff et al.’s vaccine paper.

The journal would like to inform readers that the Special Issue “COVID-19 Pandemic – Health Impact and New Research” includes the article “Why are we vaccinating kids against COVID-19?” is being reviewed post-publication by an independent Editor and a new reviewer panel, due to concerns about the validity and scientific soundness of the content. When the investigations are completed, readers will receive further updates.

Like it has done in the recent past, with at minimum one other newspaper subject to high levels of scrutiny following publication, Elsevier refers readers to its newsroom for further questions, instead of the editors.

The article was the subject of an critique by Samuel Klein, and was rewritten shortly after we posted the article in October to say that a different editor – not one of the co-authors, as was initially claimed was in charge of the work.

Ask Kostoff for a comment.

They have outlined the reasons for their Expression. We are waiting for the results of their review.

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