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What personality traits benefit different professions?

Business professors and psychologists conducted metanalyses to determine whether the traits of a person’s personality and their performance differ depending on the job.

What to know:

  • Previous research has explored how personality affects job performance in general However, the latest study in the Journal of Vocational Behavior examines how this connection differs for different kinds of jobs.

  • Researchers looked at how the Big Five personality traits (conscientiousness. extraversion. openness. agreeableness. and neuroticism) affected job performance in nine different occupation groups: Clerical.

  • The relationship between personality traits, job performance and occupational complexity varied among the nine groups.

  • Conscientiousness was shown to predict better performance in all occupations. However it was more efficient in jobs that had moderate or low cognitive demands. The trait of agreeableness in healthcare jobs predicted better performance. However extraversion was more significant in sales and management jobs.

  • The researchers hope that their findings will lead to better resources that can help people select the right job for them.

This is a summary of an article titled “Personality traits predict performance differently across different jobs,” published by the University of Arkansas December 13. has the complete article.

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