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Chief Justice Rejects Request for Travel Mask Mandat Blockage

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U.S. Chief Justice John Roberts has turned down an appeal to block the federal rule that mandates masks for passengers on planes while the case is working its way through the federal system.

Roberts did not make any comment on Michael Seklecki, a Florida resident who filed an emergency claim against the Transportation Security Administration for himself and his son, who is four years old.

In the emergency request, Seklecki said he has to accompany his son on flights to Massachusetts to receive medical treatment however, the child “can’t wear an eye mask.” Seklecki added that he “medically isn’t able to wear a face covering.”

Lucas Wall of Washington, DC has joined the petition and said he’s been “stranded at his mother’s home in The Villages, Florida, since June 1st, because” the TSA will not allow him to fly without mask. Wall also said that he cannot cover his face due medical reasons.

Roberts did not refer the case to full Supreme Court. This was because Roberts “viewed [the legal question] as insignificant,” The New York Times reported.

The federal government in a brief that was filed in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, claimed that the challengers had not pursued available exemptions to the mask rule, the Timessaid.

The TSA introduced the requirement to wear a face mask last January and has extended it to March 18, 2022. According to the TSA announcement, the rule requires that travelers wear masks when they travel at airports, onboard commercial airplanes, and on commuter buses and rail systems.


U.S. Supreme Court, emergency request for stay relief by Wednesday, Dec. 8th, 2021: “Lucas Wall & Michael Seklecki, on behalf of themselves and his minor child M.S., applicants, v. Transportation Security Administration, respondent.”

The New York Times – “Chief Justice Roberts refuses block the mask mandate for U.S. air travel.”

Transportation Security Administration: “TSA extends the requirement for face masks until March 18 2022.”

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