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Australia’s Deputy Leader Tests Positive for Virus in the US

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said Thursday he’d been tested positive for coronavirus while in Washington D.C.

Joyce who is fully vaccinated stated in a post on Facebook that he was experiencing mild symptoms and that he should be tested. He stated that he’d remain in a secluded area in the meantime, seeking advice.

He said the remaining members of his delegation had tested negative.

Two British Cabinet ministers – Justice Secretary Dominic Raab and Transport Secretary Grant Shapps — are isolated while waiting for the results of the PCR tests following a having a meeting earlier this week with Joyce.

It was not immediately clear which type of virus Joyce was infected with. Prior to his arrival in the U.S., he’d traveled to London and had a meeting with top officials in London as part of a 10-day visit to discuss the government’s plans to regulate social media.

Joyce admitted to ABC Radio New England that Joyce admitted to ABC Radio New England that he was “very dissatisfied” and would be locked up alone for 10 days. But that’s only part.

He joked that not being alone in the room was worrying him more than his illness.

He told the radio station that a part of his job was to travel and meet with colleagues.

He said, “I really wanted the United States to follow up on this online stuff Try to improve online protection laws, and see what they are doing.” “But that’s the way the cookie breaks.”

Australia has been a prominent voice in calling for international regulation of the internet.

It passed laws that require Facebook and Google to pay for journalism. Australia also defied tech companies by introducing a law that could imprison social media executives if their platforms stream violent images.

Australia has also announced plans to take action against online advertisers targeting children by requiring that social media platforms require parental consent for users less than 16 years old , or face massive fines.

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