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NYC Mandates COVID Vaccines For Private Sector Workers

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Private sector workers in New York City will have to be vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to the end of the year Mayor Bill de Blasio said Monday.

The mayor announced that the “first-in-nationprogram” will be available to approximately 184,000 businesses in the form of a news release.

“From workplace mandates to $100 incentives for mobile and at-home vaccination offerings No other city in the country has done more to end the COVID age,” the release said. “And If this isn’t the time for you to take action, there’s no better time to take action and defend your city.”

Although no details were provided about the enforcement process, the news release stated that private sector employers would receive information on of the rule on Dec. 15, detailing how the rule will be implemented. De Blasio stated that a vaccination program for municipal employees resulted in a 94% coverage rate of vaccinations for the city’s workforce.

Private sector workers must to receive at minimum one dose of vaccine before December. 27. They won’t be able to opt out of vaccinations as a result of the federal mandate that applies to private sector workers, The New York Times reported.

A prominent leader of a business group said that de Blasio’s announcement was completely unexpected.

Kathryn Wylde of the Partnership for New York City said that “we were blindsided.” “There’s no warning, no discussion, no idea if it’s legal or who he is expecting to apply it.”

De Blasio spoke Monday morning on MSNBC and explained the reasons he did this less than a month prior to the day he was to leave office.

“We’ve received Omicron as a new factor,” he said. “We have colder weather, which is going to really cause additional challenges with Delta variant and festive gatherings. We in New York City have decided to take an attack of preemptive force to take action to stop the development of COVID and the dangers it poses to all of us.”

Other requirements were also announced.

Children between 5 and 11 years old must present proof of a single dose vaccine to be able to participate in “high-risk extracurricular activities.” This includes sports, band, orchestra, dance, and other high-risk activities.

Children between the ages of 5 and 11 must prove that they have received at least one dose of vaccine to be allowed entry into indoor fitness, entertainment or entertainment venues.

Starting on Dec. 27 on, all New Yorkers 12 and up must show proof that they’ve received two doses of vaccine to be admitted to these places, unless they’ve received the one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine.


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