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Louisiana to require the COVID Vaccine for Students

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, the Louisiana Governor, has stated that the state government is working on making the COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all students 16 years old and older in the state’s public schools.

“I just think it’s extremely important to embrace the science and it’s important to not engage in false information,” said Edwards, an Democrat, according to The Advocate. “Absent some compelling reason, which I at present haven’t seen I am confident that we’ll be adding the vaccine to the schedule.”

The Advocate stated that parents could opt-out of the requirement for their children by simply declaring their disapproval or signing the help of an expert doctor. The new rule will go into effect at the start of the 2022 school year, and at first apply to students who are 16 or older.

Republican legislators voiced their displeasure with the COVID vaccine requirement at an open hearing on Monday, calling it unnecessary and an example of excessive government intervention.

According to a TV station WDSU, Laurie Schlegel stated she believes that the vaccination is highly recommended, but not a requirement.

State Sen. Cameron Henry of Metairie said he received “hundreds of emails” from parents asking for him to stop the rule from going into force, WDSU said.

WDSU stated that the governor could overrule a panel if they reject a vaccine rule.

Joseph Kanter, Louisiana State Health Officer, testified Monday that COVID-19 claimed the lives of 18 Louisiana children and many more were affected by it.

“I cannot think of another illness that’s on that childhood calendar that we’ve lost this many kids from. In my opinion it’s in the public’s interest. But it’s the family and the parents who make the choice,” Kanter said.

The introduction of the vaccine is being proposed by the Louisiana Department of Health, which has added additional vaccines to the list of required over the years. The Advocate stated that in 2015, the legislature added Meningitis to the required shot without controversy.


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