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LeBron James Enters NBA COVID-19 Protocols

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According to ESPN , LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers’ star forward, was added to the NBA’s health and safety protocols for COVID-19. He’s likely to be out of games for a long time.

The team has arranged for James to travel back to Los Angeles from Sacramento, CA, on Tuesday morning. As per the league’s rules the player could be required to quarantine for 10 days or until he’s able to provide two consecutive COVID-19 negative tests within 24 hours.

Frank Vogel, the Lakers head coach of the team, said Tuesday that it was a “huge loss”.

“Hopefully this isn’t a long-term issue,” he continued. “We’ll see.”

The team hasn’t confirmed whether James tested positive for COVID-19. Vogel did not say if James had any coronavirus symptoms. In accordance with league guidelines, players who have been vaccinated can only be isolated if they have been able to confirm or not conclusively test.

According to the Associated Press, the NBA and National Basketball Players Association announced the news on the same day that they urged all players and coaches to get an extra shot. They might be subjected to increased testing if they don’t receive an additional shot.

The NBA told its teams on Tuesday that it has documented 34 cases of COVID-19 where a fully vaccinated player or coach member had a breakthrough infection according to an internal memo obtained by the AP. According to the league, 97% of players have been completely vaccined.

Anthony Davis, Lakers forward who was injured, told reporters that he talked to James after the game on Tuesday against the Sacramento Kings. Davis said James said the player was feeling well and didn’t show any symptoms, but that the team would be forced to play several games without James.

Davis stated, “We still need to find ways we can win.” “We must not let that hinder us. He’s an integral member of our team, clearly. But we’ve played a huge amount of games without him. We’re pretty sure what that means. We’ve got to continue to play like we did on the defensive side until he’s able return.”

James has missed 12 games this season, and 10 of them due to abdominal and ankle injuries. He also missed the game between the New York Knicks and the Lakers in November after being suspended for the first time in his career.

“We just want the best for him at the moment,” Vogel said. “That’s the situation we’re in. We have a next man-up attitude. It’s an 82 game season. You have to deal with players who are in and out of the lineup. We’ve had to deal with him a few times this season.”


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