Automata and Flow Robotics work together to offer lab automation right from the beginning.

Flow Robotics A/S and Automata offer end-to-end automation of liquid handling in laboratories by using the pipetting robot, flowbot(r) ONE, and the robot arm, Eva.

Copenhagen, Denmark, 01.12.2021 — Laboratory equipment and systems that support modern laboratory protocols have never been more crucial.

Many laboratories consider automation of pipetting tasks as a wise investment as it improves throughput, decreases work-related injuries, increases accuracy, and allows staff to concentrate on more important tasks.

Automating the entire process from end-to-end is an additional step that allows laboratory personnel to spend as little time on the job as is possible.

Automata and Flow Robotics A/S have teamed up to integrate the liquid handling robot flowbot(r) One with Eva. This is a workflow in which Eva can assist flowbot(r) one by changing its racks on a regular basis while it performs pipetting tasks.

“The benefit of implementing an end-to-end automation workflows in the laboratory is everything from increased walk-away time to helping laboratories’ most valuable asset, which is people,” Oscar Cutts, Sales Executive at Automata, explains and adds “Other values include increased throughput and making best use of the equipment, you’ve already invested in by making sure it can work for you whenever you need it.”

“When the flowbot(r), One is connected to third-party devices like Eva it allows laboratories to use as much hands-on time on pipetting tasks as possible and allows workers to use their talents for more valuable work,” states Steen Vester, CTO of Flow Robotics.

When asked about the collaboration, Oliver Pilsbury-Gaunt Head of Partnerships at Automata said that they share Flow Robotics’ vision of supplying cost-effective, flexible automation to laboratories and delivering user-friendly solutions.

The two companies collaborate to help laboratories achieve their full potential behind the scenes.

About Flow Robotics

Flow Robotics A/S, a Danish supplier of robots for fluid handling automation, is based in Denmark. The company’s goal is to make liquid handling automation accessible for all by offering the flexible and user-friendly flowbot(r) one pipetting robot.

flowbot(r) One is a plug-and-play solution that does not require programming expertise and is able to be used by anyone. If a process is changed in a lab, there is no need to program complicated code.



Automata is an UK biotech company that is based in the UK. It provides robotic automation solutions to the life sciences industry.

Through collaboration with some of the world’s leading pathology labs, they have developed one of the most comprehensive lab automation platforms that enable labs to scale at a precise rate.


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