Barcode reader with low light that is versatile and reliable

Ziath announces Cyclops, a new barcode reader that is linear and a 2D barcode reader that will work with its DataPaq(tm), Mirage, Cube, and Express rack readers.

Image Credit: Ziath Ltd

Cyclops can read 2D or linear codes that are printed on the tube rack’s edge. This enables labs to use racks that do not have an integral “97”th code or orientation barcodes on the underside of the rack, a useful feature as the majority of rack manufacturers do not provide these features. The Cyclops also illuminates the side of your rack that is barcoded while reading to ensure a precise rack read in any lighting conditions.

The Cyclops can also read barcodes on racks that have different sizes and different variations in the printed code on larger racks, thereby saving you time and eliminating errors.

Ziath’s powerful DP5 rack decoding software can be used to attach a Cyclops reader. This can be set up in accordance with the rack type. DP5 lets you store three different rack templates in numeric format. For instance, 96-position racks without rack codes, an integral orientation codes or the Cyclops device that reads the rack barcode. This technology gives organizations the ability to switch between racks from different manufacturers, including legacy racks without codes.

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