Cerba Research Expands U.S. Immuno-Oncology Center of Excellence to Enhance Its Precision Medicine Offerings

Cerba Research was established in the United States as a leader in clinical diagnostics and clinical laboratory services 20 years ago. Cerba Research has recently expanded the facility to become a U.S. Immuno-Oncology Center of Excellence. This allows us to offer more comprehensive integrated central laboratory services, as well as specialty laboratory and biomarker solutions, as well as diagnostic services worldwide.

In July, over the course of one weekend, with no loss in activity, Cerba Research U.S. relocated to a 30% larger facility, giving the lab 35,000 square feet than it did before. To make the most efficient use of this space the U.S. team brought in new, state-of-the-art equipment and added testing samples, logistics and sample handling areas, and also welcomed more scientific and operational experts.

It’s a brand new space that has a lot of light and lots of color,” says Chief Operating Officer Nele Langenaken, who established Cerba Research U.S. in 1999. It offers a welcoming, clean, and inviting environment that helps staff improve their efficiency and motivates them. We also have the capability to attract and keep top scientists.

Cerba Research U.S. will continue its relationship with Northwell Health. Northwell Health is the largest regional laboratory. Cerba Research U.S. has more than 75 pathologists, and an laboratory that runs more than 30,000 tests every day. This partnership permits Cerba Research U.S. rapid turnaround and large-volume demands.

Yet, Cerba Research U.S. is an ideal choice for clinical trials using precision medicine because of its highly skilled scientists and top-of-the-line equipment.

The industry is shifting from quantity to quality, and from routine to specific,” says Cerba Research Chief Executive Officer Mario Papillon. “Nele created the ideal environment for developing custom assays and validation in R&D projects.”

The most exciting updates to Cerba Research U.S. include:

Triple the flow cytometry capacity. The expansion allowed Cerba Research U.S. to more than triple its complex flow cytometry capacity. The new equipment includes fully spectrum machines that can display up to 40 colors and automated flow cytometers.

We did not just expand our capabilities, but also improved the process and created room for the next level of excellence in flow cytometry,” says Langenaken.

Quadruple PBMC capacity. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) are vital components of the field of immunology, infectious disease and oncology research. Cerba Research U.S. expanded its PBMC and cell isolation capabilities to manage up to four times the volume of sample.

IHC lab. Cerba Research U.S. has a brand new histopathology laboratory that includes tissue processing, cytology , and IHC solutions to biomarker discovery and clinical validation. Our IHC capabilities include automated and multiplex IHC, as well as specific IHC.

Increased kit production. Cerba Research U.S. saw a 40% increase in kit production in 2021 compared to the same time last year. The expanded facility will allow it to expand the production of kits even more.

Greater sample reception and storage. The Cerba Research U.S. laboratory has increased capacity and receives 10,000 and 8,000 tubes per day. We expect that number to increase by 20-25 percent over the next couple of years. Additional storage capacity includes temperature ranges from ambient to -20deg C and -80deg C, and liquid nitrogen. All of this is centrally monitored by the temperature monitor system.

An even stronger team. With the expanded facility comes an increased team. Additional experts in operations and scientists give the U.S. team the depth to manage even the most complex projects.

The expanded flow cytometry, PBMC, and IHC capabilities give the U.S. CoE an even larger global footprint to conduct clinical trials in immuno-oncology. This expansion is in addition to CerbACT Asia. This Center of Excellence in immuno-oncology offers cutting-edge technology in FCM and histopathology. It also offers NGS sequencing at a specially-designed facility in Taiwan.

We have a substantial team of scientists working in flow cytometry in the U.S., all with impressive international reputations,” says Papillon. “Combined with the clinical expertise of Northwell Health, our capabilities in North America are remarkable.”

Cerba Research is part of an international network that has seven offices and access over 400 labs on five continents. This means that no matter how huge your trial may be, Cerba Research can support it.

Cerba Research, a strategic provider of diagnostic solutions, supports drug development by leveraging patient data and scientific insights to improve R&D and commercialization worldwide. We offer early-phase research, clinical development and central laboratory and diagnostic testing, assays, and biomarker development and validation -via our global network of specialist laboratories. We partner with government agenciesand non-government organizations, as well as biotech and pharmaceutical companies to alter the direction of clinical development, and to advance healthcare.

Cerba Research is a part of Cerba HealthCare which is a leader in medical diagnosis

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