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ED Nurses Fall In Love During Pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic has kept so many people apart, it brought emergency department nurses Jacob Young and Kelsey Dunlap closer together. After meeting and working together in Georgia’s Wellstar Kennestone Hospital, the couple of one and a half years got engaged in a spectacular fashion.

In her excited post on Facebook, Dunlap wrote, “What I thought was just another day at work, picking up another patient off the helipad. Instead… The love of my life flew in on a helicopter, dropped to a knee, and made me the luckiest girl on the planet.”

The pair did not have a conventional courtship. Dunlap joined the Kennestone emergency department team in 2019, and Young was one of the first people to show her around. She immediately fell in love with the hospital, the team, and the work she was doing, she told Yahoo Life.

After falling for Kennestone and the rest of her team, she fell in love with Young.

“As crazy as it sounds, we feel so lucky that we were able to fall in love during something as tragic as this pandemic,” she said to Yahoo Life. “It allowed us the opportunity to truly realize the extent we could depend on one another. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that I get to literally save lives with my best friend.”

Young’s elaborate proposal took the efforts of nearly the entire hospital to get Dunlap to the helipad without spoiling the surprise. She thought she was responding to an emergency case but was actually walking into a life-changing question. In a complicated ruse involving other nurses, a pilot, and a fake patient, Young emerged from the helicopter, dropped to one knee, and popped the question. Even the photographer didn’t arouse suspicion from Dunlap because he was already on site for ER Nurses Week. Shocked and holding back tears, she said yes.

“It took a village,” Young said in an interview with CNN. “It took about three other nurses, two or three people from my management team to come up with this whole scheme, to get her up on the chopper at the exact right moment for what I thought was the perfect idea for us.”

A video of the proposal has also gone viral on TikTok, amassing more than 2.6 million views. A montage of the photos has more than 190,000 views.

“I’m still in awe [of] the extent my fiancé went to to ensure I was surprised. My manager taking photos for nurses week, a fake patient on the helicopter, removing me from the schedule so we could leave after, somehow getting the hospital to approve airlife, having my friends and family watching from the glass above,” Dunlap wrote in her Facebook post. “I can’t wait to become Mrs. Young and spend forever with my best friend.”

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