Study: Midwife-led births equally safe as maternity care from a doctor in low-risk pregnancies

Would you prefer a midwife to deliver your baby if were scheduled to give birth? A recent study conducted by Lithuanian maternity hospitals indicates that there isn’t a difference in safety for low-risk births.

The study, published in the De Gruyter journal, also discovered that midwife-led births were associated significantly with lower postpartum hemorhage rates shorter hospital stays and fewer medical interventions, such as pain relief and induction.

Safety is a top priority when giving birth, and many people might think it is best to have the baby under the supervision of a physician. A midwife-led birth might be safer for low-risk births.

This is a crucial issue. More midwife-led care could bring many benefits, including a more efficient use of healthcare resources and fewer unnecessary medical interventions. Additionally, it could give mothers more support. Traditional midwives provided individual support to mothers during the birth process, pregnancy and the transition to parenthood. They also ensured their security.

This study, conducted in Lithuania, aimed to investigate differences in the safety of midwife-led births in comparison to doctor-led births for low-risk pregnancies. In Lithuania the midwives are able to carry out various medical procedures during birth, and are becoming acknowledged as highly trained healthcare professionals.

To explore these issues, researchers compared the outcomes of 348 births with low risk in the maternity care units of Kaunas city in Lithuania and half of them were supervised by midwives and half by doctors. Researchers ensured that the births were carefully match in terms of mother’s health and characteristics and the risk of complications so that the results would be meaningful.

They found no significant difference in the safety of midwife-led and doctor-led births, with the midwife-led births demonstrating some advantages, including fewer hospital stays and reduced postpartum hemorrhage.

We want mothers who are expecting to be aware that low-risk births under the care of a midwife are as safe as those under the supervision of a gynecologist. Midwives are independent healthcare professionals and not just assistants to the obstetrician-gynecologist. We hope this study will encourage midwives to feel more confident about their competence and to assume more responsibility in working independently.”

Ingrida Poskiene (lead author), Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

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