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Biden Resumes President Duties Following Colonoscopy

Nov. 19, 2021- President Joe Biden is in “good spirits” following his trip to Walter Reed hospital today for his first annual physical exam and routine colonoscopy as commander-in chief, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

A colonoscopy is a medical procedure that allows doctors to examine your large colon (colon) and your rectum.

A flexible tube with a small camera on the tip is put into your rectum in order that doctors can detect signs of colon cancer bleeding, colon cancer or any other irregularities.

Biden was anesthetized for a short period of time , a treatment that causes one to be exhausted and stops one from feeling pain. This made him the first woman elected president in U.S. history, although only for a brief period.

This transfer of power is permitted by the Constitution’s 25th amendment. The power is then transferred to the vice president until the president documents in writing that they are able to return to their full duties.

Tomorrow, Biden will turn 79. Biden is the oldest president of the United America.

Since he announced that he was running for office, his health has been a hot issue.

Kevin O’Connor, DO (the White House physician and Biden’s personal physician for more than 10 years), released a document in the year 2019 that contained specifics about Biden’s health.

According to the report, Biden was taking Eliquis to prevent blood clotsfrom occurring, Crestor and Crestor to reduce his cholesterol and triglycerides. Nexium for acid reflux and Allegra for allergies.

The document also mentioned that the president was receiving treatment for atrial fibrillation, or an irregular heartbeat.

O’Conner declared that Biden, the then-presidential candidate, was “a fit, active, 77-year-old male who is able capable of successfully executing the duties of the presidency.”

Biden has faced serious health scares in the past including a brain aneurysm when he was senator in 1988. U.S. senator in 1988.

Other procedures in Biden’s medical history include gall bladder removal in 2003, various surgeries for bone injuries and the removal of skin cancers that aren’t melanoma.

Biden will be present at the annual White House turkey pardoning ceremonies in the Rose Garden today.

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