People were able to maintain a positive mood during the COVID-19 epidemic by having an unchanging routine

According to a study published by Applied Psychology the participants were able to keep an optimistic mood throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. This was based on results of the study.

For two weeks for two weeks, 91 young adults from Poland were asked about their moods as well as the activities they engage in. They were questioned daily for four hours during the middle of 2020. Seven participants were selected for a follow-up, non-binding questionnaire.

Participants were able maintain an orderly routine and maintain a positive mood through strategies such as planning and scheduling. Face-to face contact was associated with a more positive mood than similar interactions through electronic communication.

The researchers also discovered that daily reports of COVID-19 deaths and cases affected participants’ moods, and checking social media and news about the epidemic triggered negative feelings like sadness, fear, and feelings of overwhelm.

We found that not all aspects in our lives are easily translated to online settings. The demands of society made people spend long hours in front of screens during the lockdown period which is not ideal for their health or overall wellbeing.”

Julian Zubek, PhD, Lead Author, University of Warsaw, in Poland

Journal reference:

et. al. (2021). Rhythms of a day: How digital media impact mood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Applied Psychology Health and Well-Being.

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