Study examines the health effects of a patented DGA compound

A study conducted by the University of Jyvaskyla analyzed the health effects of a patent-pending DGA compound and compared them to the effects of exercise. This groundbreaking study showed mitochondrial activation offers evident health benefits that have not been previously observed. The study group was comprised of healthy volunteers selected randomly between 50 and 60 years old. Even at this point the signs of aging start to show in regards to health. The DGA treatment significantly improved subjects metabolism blood parameters, as well as muscle function. The inflammation at low-grade was also reduced. The changes took place quickly within just a few days, and they remained at a high level for the entire three-week study.

Chronic inflammation is a key cause of many common diseases including the majority of age-related metabolic or degenerative diseases. Therefore, it is crucial to reduce chronic inflammation to improve public health.

The latest study revealed that DGA compound has similar positive effects to exercise. Previous studies on exercise have consistently proven that increasing physical activity, especially in less mobile or older people, reduces the body’s chronic inflammation status after just a few weeks. A three-week program of DGA resulted in low-grade inflammation being significantly decreased. Most people over the age of 50 and those struggling with persistent systemic inflammation are unable to exercise enough, which could easily lead to an ever-increasing spiral. This can be stopped by DGA activation.

Another important finding from the study was that the DGA treatment had a pronounced positive effect in just two days. This allows for the use of a brief and acute course. It is a significant factor in the body’s recovery from acute health issues such as respiratory or intestinal problems. The mitochondria in blood immune cells were activated quickly and could be the reason for the remarkable reduction in inflammation. Low-grade inflammation was measured by three different measures in the study. Additionally, the new study showed that the liver function of the subjects was significantly enhanced during the DGA treatment, again resembling the indirect activation of the liver triggered by exercise. The liver function is essential for health and recovery from disease. The liver is responsible for processing and producing nutrients for muscles and organs, while maintaining the important blood sugar balance.

Combining the quick and lasting benefits of DGA with other treatments could prove to be a significant benefit, especially in the treatment and prevention of fat liver disease and other serious conditions. Inflammation is an essential aspect of healing. There is a gap in the medical need for certain ailments. Additionally, in the current pandemic it is crucial to discover new compounds that reduce the risk of hospitalization among people suffering from COVID-19. This is especially true with the new mitochondrial mechanism of action. The aim is to develop a non-prescription drug derived from the natural and well-tolerated DGA molecule for long-term and acute use.

Journal reference:

Petteri Hirvonen, O., et al. (2021) Randomized Trial: D-Glyceric Acid Activates Mitochondrial Metabolism in 50-60-Year-Old Healthy Humans. Frontiers in Aging.

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