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Free Index of Over 100 Million Journal Articles Released

The General Index provides words and phrases from millions of scientific research articles ― a massive resource for researchers ― at no cost.

What to know:

  • On October 7, Public Resource, a nonprofit organization, released the General Index, a repository of 355 billion words and phrases that are linked to scientific articles in which these words appear.

  • Although it includes articles that are behind paywalls, the index does not include more than five words per article, so it stays within publishers’ copyright restrictions.

  • Creator Carl Malamud aims to allow researchers to conduct large-scale analyses without being restricted to open-access articles or those they have access to.

  • The index is considered by some to be a major development in text mining. It allows scientists to build farther-reaching databases on specialized subjects in scientific literature.

  • A search engine was not created with the index, but Malamud hopes that if someone designs one, they will make it accessible to all.

This is a summary of the article “Giant, Free Index to World’s Research Papers Released Online,” published by Nature on October 26. The full article can be found on .

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