Quantifying the Impact of Powder Properties on Pharmaceutical Powders

Powder processing lies at the heart of pharmaceutical manufacture. It is therefore necessary that efforts to improve efficiency and preserve quality must focus on understanding and controlling powder behaviour.

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Powders can be challenging to process efficiently, and indeed to characterise reliably, largely because their properties are affected by so many different variables.

When it comes to effective powder characterisation for process-related investigations, it’s imperative to apply methods that are not only reliable and reproducible, but which also generate data that is measured under the same conditions of stress and strain that the powder experiences in the process environment.

The complexities of powder characterisation are reflected in the variety of techniques available and there is increasing recognition that in order to fully understand powder behaviour, a multifaceted approach, which examines a diverse range of powder properties, is required.

In a study by Freeman Technology, they look at a range of case studies which highlight a variety of processing challenges, and how powder testing can identify properties to optimise pharmaceutical processes.

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