Beware of dextromethorphan, a common cough suppressant that would promote the growth of coronavirus

An international study, in which the Pasteur Institute participated, warns against dextromethorphan, a cough suppressant that is found in Vicks or Humex and which would promote the growth of coronavirus.

Humex, Vicks, Tussidane, Clarix, Drill … These familiar names of cough medicines are pointed out by scientists this Thursday because of one of their compounds: dextromethorphan. A study by researchers at the California University of San Francisco, the Gladstone Institutes, the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Institut Pasteur, reveals that this drug could promote the growth of Coronavirus.

Call for caution

In a statement released this Thursday afternoon, the scientists explain that their laboratory experiments have revealed that this “antitussive acting on the Sigma-1 receptors, promotes the viral infection” of the coronavirus.

“We urge the prudent use of dextromethorphan during the pandemic”, until they can conduct a more in-depth study as part of Coronavirus.

In addition to this warning, the researchers announce that they have also identified drugs capable of fighting the coronavirus. However, on this point, they remain cautious.

“Although the drugs identified in the study are promising, they have only been tested against the virus in laboratory experiments. Therefore, researchers do not advise anyone to prescribe and / or use them before their safety and effectiveness have been confirmed by clinical trials, “the statement said.

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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