The treatment that Trump offered to try: injecting antiseptics into the bodies of Coronavirus patients

The treatment Trump offered: injecting disinfectants into patients

During a White House press briefing, a senior U.S. government investigator noted that sunlight and disinfectants eliminate the virus – and the U.S. president suggested trying to use them as a treatment for patients. Professional officials explained it was impossible, and Trump responded: “It will be interesting to check it out”

President Trump has blamed the American medical community on him when he suggested tonight (Thursday to Friday) to try disinfectant injection for patients as a coronavirus treatment. After hearing that the sunlight was preventing the virus from continuing to exist, Trump also suggested examining how the light could be injected into patients’ bodies.

During a White House press briefing – attended by the president – Bill Brian, a senior US Homeland Security investigator, shared several findings about the virus. In response, Trump noted: “I see antiseptics ‘flushing’ the virus in one minute. Is there any way we can do something like this by injecting them in? As you can see, patients ’lungs are damaged, so it will be interesting to check that out.” Trump did not specify specific antiseptics.

Researcher Brian presented a study in the Department of Homeland Security and also shows that the virus is less resistant to heat and humidity conditions. The senior said: “The virus dies most quickly in sunlight” – which has led Trump to wonder aloud whether there is a way to get the light “into the body” of patients.

“So let’s say we hit the body with a tremendous amount – whether in ultraviolet light or just in a very powerful light – and I think you said that possibility wasn’t tested,” Trump said as he addressed the senior investigator. “So I say, let’s say you bring the light into the body – which can be done either through the skin or in some other way – and I think you said you were going to try it too,” Trump said.

Later, answering reporters, investigator Brian said that this type of treatment was not considered. He added that heat and humidity alone would not harm the virus if people did not continue to maintain social remoteness. When asked later to clarify, he noted that “this is not the kind of work we do in our lab” – and Trump, who was next to him on stage, added: “Maybe it works – and maybe not.”

In connection with the possibility that Brown was killing the virus, Trump contacted the White House Coroner’s Response Team coordinator Deborah Birks sitting on the sidelines during the briefing. The US president asked her if she had heard that Brown was killing the virus. She said she had not heard of it “as a treatment,” but added that body heat is what our bodies do to kill viruses.

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David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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