US first approved: Home Coronavirus Test

In the shadow of criticism over the low number of tests in the country, the FDA approved a self-test rock to be sent for analysis in the company’s labs. Initially, the test will only be available to essential employees. The bad news – the test will not be sold in the countries with the highest morbidity – New York and New Jersey.

The US Food and Drug Administration, the FDA, officially approved a home coronavirus test yesterday. First, the test, which will cost more than $ 100, will be available to essential workers, headed by medical staff, and will be available to all citizens within weeks. New York, where the number of patients has climbed to a quarter of a million – will not be able to use the test because of problematic legislation.

The test, called Pixel (Pixel) and sold by a company called LabCorp, is basically self-sampling rock sampling with a pencil. Patients will collect the specimen themselves and eventually send it to one of the company’s labs to analyze the findings. These days, the Food and Drug Administration is working fast to enable the rapid test to be launched on the market, with the aim of increasing the number of tests in the country.

The new test is expected to cost $ 119, and the company’s spokesman said consumers would have to pay for it in advance. Subjects will also need to complete a special questionnaire to help the company understand if the subject is part of the essential set of priorities that are currently the top priority.

Despite the optimistic gospel of testing approval, it is precisely in the states where the highest morbidity – New York and New Jersey – will not be able to use it, due to problematic legislation. These states have a regulation (regulation) against patients who will do self-tests.

Of the probe, Joe Biden, the Democratic candidate for U.S. presidency, fiercely attacked the Trump administration tonight, saying the number of tests that exist today is not enough. While Trump promised to do 27 million checks by the end of March, only 4 million had actually been tested, a fact that makes it difficult to make heavy decisions about reopening businesses and gradually returning to normal.


David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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