Coronavirus USA: Exceptional Percentage of African American Public Morbidity

About 2,500 die a day and tens of millions are unemployed: Despite the alarming data - Trump is considering a return to routine

The numbers of sick and dead across the nation are climbing, and the negative highs continue to break every day. In the shadow of the president’s intentions to return to a routine life, the economic crisis is also exacerbated as the number of unemployed increases

While the Coronavirus continues to hit in the United States and New York, the negative highs continue to break, the White House is already beginning to talk about future options for a return to routine. Meanwhile, sick and mortality numbers continue to rise across the United States, with particularly high rates of morbidity among the African-American population. The economic crisis following the virus continues to worsen with the rise of millions in the unemployed.

President Trump has begun preparing the public for relief with the strict guidelines: “It would be nice if we could open our country at once, or at least our rifle – and I think we will soon.” The president further added that the virus was at the height of the spread and outbreak across the United States these days, and that now the expectation is to reduce the number of deaths in the extent of the outbreak.

However, there are those who disagree with the president’s estimates, warning that life will not return to being as we knew it before the outbreak of the virus. Anthony Fauchi, a senior in the Coronavirus fight team at the White House, even said in an unusual statement that he didn’t think the public should ever shake hands. In an interview with American Television, he explained the rationale behind his statement: “I said this to make people think much more about personal hygiene, and the way it affects the spread of deadly infections.”

Economically, the situation continues to get worse – with just today millions of unemployed added across the United States, and at this stage more than 17 million people are demanding an allowance. Trump said last night that he felt the US economy would recover from the Corona crisis, and would return to it with full force. In his remarks, he probably relied on senior government officials who said they believed it would be possible to return to activity in the economy during May.

The numerical data shows abnormal infection rates in size among the African American public. In countries where they make up 30 to 40 percent of the population – they make up more than 70 percent of patients and the dead. These particularly high levels are mainly due to low socioeconomic status, inaccessibility of good medical services, living in crowded areas, use of public transport and occupation in industries that continue to work even during the Coronavirus period.

Meanwhile, the 30,000 dead mark of the new coronavirus was crossed Thursday in the United States, according to the real-time count of Johns Hopkins University. According to this source, 30,990 people have died in the country since the start of the pandemic.

The United States is the most bereaved country in the world, ahead of Italy (with 21,645 dead), Spain (19,130) and France (17,167). The world’s leading power, where nearly 640,000 cases have also been officially declared, has recorded in the past two days a record toll of the number of new daily deaths.


David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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