Coronavirus Boris Johnson: “The medical teams saved my life”

Covid-19: Boris Johnson in the first intervention after being released from the hospital

“Today I was released from the hospital at the end of a week when the state health organization saved my life, no question about it,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Sunday. Johnson was admitted to the ICU last week after contracting the corona virus and suffering from severe symptoms of the disease.

“I can only imagine how difficult it was to follow the guidelines of social remoteness – when the sun was shining and the children were home, when nature was so inviting,” he continued in a video he posted to social networks. “I thank you, because millions are doing the right thing patiently and caring for others.”

“Your efforts are worth it, and prove themselves every day,” Johnson said. “We are moving forward in our national fight against the virus. It is a battle we have never chosen against an enemy we do not yet fully understand. Defeated. ”

“In the last few days, I have seen the pressure put on him, and the courage not only of the doctors and the brothers, but of everyone: the cleaners, the cooks, the physiotherapists, the radiologists, the pharmacists – who kept coming to work and putting themselves in danger,” Johnson added. He even thanked the specific medical teams who cared for him, especially the brother and sister who nursed him for the critical 48 hours of his illness.

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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