This is the country with the highest death rates from Coronavirus in the world

Coronavirus severely harms the countries of the world, large and small. The Republic of San Marino suffers from the highest infection rates in the world and has to struggle in the other middle-aged European countries to obtain medical equipment and protective masks. The state made a payment to a provider for masks – and the trucks returned empty. State Health Administration: “It was a very bitter lesson”

Little San Marino is begging for help: The tiny republic, located within the borders of Italy, has become the most severely affected province in the region. If you calculate the percentage of infection in the population compared to the rest of the world – San Marino is the country with the highest infection rates. According to the official website of the San Marino administration, more than 250 people, 14 people undergoing intensive care, 152 isolates and 32 deaths from the Coronavirus were reported Saturday. Relative to the Republic alone, there are about 34,000 residents, these are scary numbers, and the authorities are panicking.

San Marino leads the world in terms of percentages of the infection – 0.78% of the population. But, it is important to note that the high number of people infected by the population is probably due to the fact that it is a low-population country (about 34,000). If we compare the number of infections to other small European countries, we will see similar numbers. The number of people living in Andorra (77,000 inhabitants) is 0.56% and in Luxembourg (628,000) 0.41%.

The amount of patients in San Marino has a population of one million, compared to its neighbors

The power of the small countries in the international market is often very small and they have to cooperate with neighboring large countries. Last week, authorities in San Marino made a payment to a supplier located in the city of Lugano, Switzerland, to pay for half a million masks, which will be shared with the neighboring state – Italy. But the market is brutal, and the truck that was supposed to bring the equipment – is empty. The company refused to provide the masks.

The amount of deaths in San Marino, in relation to one million residents, compared to its neighbors

Dr. Gabriela Rinaldi, director of the San Marino Health Authority, told the Associated Press: “It was a very bitter lesson.” It is unclear whether the unpublished masks supplier refused to deliver the goods because another customer offered more or for other reasons. The AP reports emphasize that the case is that solidarity among countries waging war against the epidemic is shattering – in the face of narrow national interests. San Marino television quotes Dr Rialdi as saying last night: “We are very concerned that there are more and more people being infected. We do not know if these are people who do not respect the quarantine. In return, local television R-TV broadcasts photos of waiting citizens inside long outside the state’s pharmacies. Until April 29.

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