Shock in Italy: A 102-year-old was infected with Coronavirus – and recovered

When Italica Grundona contracted Coronavirus, no one expected 20 days later to be released to her home. Doctors are now trying to examine how the elderly survived the virus, which severely harms adults: “We called her ‘immortal'”. 

Italica Grundona, a 102-year-old Italian infected with the Covid-19, was able to recover from the disease after more than 20 days of hospitalization. “We were given the nickname ‘Immortal,'” said Dr. Vera Cicbaldi, who treated Grundona. “Italica is a hope for all the elderly who are facing this epidemic.” 

The average age of the dead from Coronavirus in Italy stands at 74. Grundona was hospitalized earlier this month for “mild cardiac failure,” according to the doctor. “She had only minor symptoms, so we tested her – and the result was positive. We didn’t do much, she recovered alone,” she noted. 

Doctors noted that the case had impressed them so much that they decided to look into it. “We took samples from her – she is the first patient we know of who may have also undergone the Spanish influenza epidemic, since she was born in 1917,” explained Sicbaldi.

Grundona was discharged from the hospital the other day and is currently being treated at her home. “I don’t know her secret, but I know she’s a free and independent woman,” her nephew told us. “She loves the live, dancing and music. She loves Freddie Mercury and Valentino Rossi. The virus has surrendered to her.”


David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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