British Prime Minister Boris Johnson sticks to Coronavirus

Ministers of health and finance who have been exposed to the prime minister in recent days are also coming into isolation, while the country’s death toll stands at 578, and more than 11 people have contracted the disease. Earlier this week, the queen was also reported to have been crown prince Prince Charles was diagnosed with the virus 

The United Kingdom reported on Friday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was positive for the Coronavirus. 55-year-old Johnson has been in immediate 14-day isolation and will continue to remotely manage the crisis that has developed in the country following the outbreak of the virus. 

Johnson posted on Twitter following the diagnosis: “I developed mild symptoms over the past day and found positive for the virus. I am currently in isolation, and will continue to run the government with video meetings as we manage this crisis.” Following the announcement of Johnson’s test results, the Treasury and Health Ministers who have been in close contact with him in recent days will also enter the two-week isolation. 

In the United Kingdom, 11,658 patients have been diagnosed in Covid-19 across the United Kingdom to date, and the epidemic of deaths is 578. Of the 163 patients, they are in serious condition and are hospitalized and euthanized. Earlier this week it was reported that the British regent, Prince of Wales and the first in the succession to the crown, had contracted the Coronavirus. The condition of 71-year-old Charles, who is of his age in a risk population, is “good” despite developing mild symptoms, and he and his wife are in solitary confinement in Scotland.

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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