Eye redness may be a new symptom of the coronavirus

After experts have revealed that loss of taste and smell can be another symptom of the coronavirus, some people now argue that eye redness may also be another symptom and less known for the disease. A US nurse warns: "Be treated with eye redness as a single symptom. They were evacuated to the hospital and passed away "

Just three days ago, new symptoms of the Coronavirus were reported. Experts from the British Association of Ophthalmic Medicine revealed that loss of taste and smell were recurrent symptoms in patients who did not show other symptoms more commonly. It is now reported that there may be another and less familiar symptom that could indicate the development of the coronavirus in the body – redness of the eyes.

Chelsea Ernst, a nurse working in sheltered housing in Washington who suffered a severe blow to the coronavirus, says one of the most common signs she has seen in patients with Covid-19 is eye redness – according to a CNN report. Chelsea’s sheltered housing made headlines in the United States about a week and a half ago due to a particularly high number of infected and dead. Approximately 37 tenants died as a result of complications from the Coronavirus and out of 180 crew members on the scene, about 50 were diagnosed in Covid-19. ” Ernst said, “They have some kind of allergy in their eyes.” 

“It’s not that the white part of the eye is red. It’s more like a kind of out-of-the-red eye shadow,” Ernst added. “We had patients who only had eye redness as the only symptom we saw, who were evacuated to the hospital and passed away there. There was even a doctor who asked me ‘do they have the red eyes?’ And then I would answer that. Then he would say, ‘I’ll find them a bed.’ That’s probably the way it affects these patients.” 

In terms of the symptoms of the coronavirus, as defined by official health officials – eye redness does not appear among the known symptoms of the disease. It is therefore likely that this is a less common symptom, or one that is probably more common in the elderly.

At the same time, CNN reports that the American Academy of Ophthalmology has warned its members about reports that the coronavirus is associated with conjunctivitis (or as many call it “ocular inflammation”), which of course leads to redness of the eyes. Probably right now we will have to wait for more reports to verify the information and perhaps later we will see these symptoms added to the list of symptoms as it appears on websites of the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Ministry of Health.

Until then, it is important to mention that some of the recommendations for preventing infection are to avoid touching the face, especially the nose, mouth and eyes. Avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible and always wash your hands well (no less than 30 seconds!) Before touching the face, especially the eyes.

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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