Anger in the Kingdom: Prince Charles undergoes coronavirus test while medical teams wait to be examined

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have been tested for the Coronavirus, although they have only mild symptoms - and angered the public with the royal family: "My doctor is in solitary confinement and has been disabled for more than a week, how long did the prince have to wait to be tested?"

Fury in the British Kingdom over Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, after the two underwent a coronavirus discovery – while thousands of National Health Service (NHS) workers and ill citizens are waiting to be tested. The 71-year-old prince was reportedly infected with the virus today and is currently staying in solitary confinement at his home, Balmoral Castle, in Scottland. 

Although there were only minor symptoms in the prince’s case, he underwent the coronavirus examination by a National Health Service medical staff who came to him specifically to his private residence. His wife, 72-year-old Camilla, was also tested – although she had no symptoms at all. 

The National Health Service website states that a coronavirus detection system is usually used only for those with severe symptoms that require the patient to go to the hospital. It follows that the examination carried out by Prince Charles and his wife goes beyond the accepted criteria in the United Kingdom.

Many social network users, including politicians and celebrities, expressed great anger towards the health care system leaders in the kingdom for giving the royal family special treatment compared to the care received by the rest of the public.

“My sister works as a public service physician and has been in solitary confinement for nine days,” someone tweeted on Twitter. “If my sister had been checked right away on the first day she could have gone back to work immediately and had not been disabled for over a week. How long did Prince Charles have to wait to be tested?”

Scotland’s health system chief Catherine Calderwood responded to allegations, noting that the prince and his wife had been examined for “clinical reasons.” A spokeswoman for the Royal Family also responded to allegations, saying the two “met the necessary criteria to be tested.”

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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