Coronavirus Italia, stop Antitrust at site that markets rapid tests.

Antitrust stop to the site that markets the ‘do it yourself’ test for coronavirus. The Authority has initiated an investigation and, at the same time, provisionally ordered, and the suspension of the advertising and marketing promotion activity of the ‘Rapid Test Covid-19. ‘, sold at a price of 24.86 euros. The measure of obscuration and suspension is motivated by the need to “stop the spread of an extremely serious practice” explains the Authority.

The product in question is advertised as a diagnostic medical device intended for use at home, by people who are not experts in diagnostic tests, in order to quickly and reliably self-diagnose any contagion from Coronavirus. “In fact, the information provided by the professional on the effectiveness of the test, on its intended use and on its experimental character appears ambiguous, confused and obscure” reads the note of the Agcm.

The Authority has considered, in particular, that the methods of promotion and sale of the product are “prima facie deceptive and aggressive, suitable for altering the consumer’s evaluation capacity, since the professional exploits the alarm raised by the constant increase in the number of subjects infected by Coronavirus and the risk of mortality resulting from the contraction of the virus, as well as from the dissemination of news about the alleged difficulties in the supply of tampons by public health structures “.

In consideration of the particular moment, the Authority “continues to monitor the market by focusing its attention on operators active in e-commerce who adopt incorrect and deceptive behavior” concludes the note.

David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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