Covid-19 in Denmark: This is how a supermarket in Denmark solved the problem of alcohol deficiency

In the rest of the world, people are also emptying the shelves of alcohol bottles, leaving quite a few consumers without the essential liquid these days. Thus one supermarket in Denmark managed to come up with a simple method that stopped the annoying phenomenon

No, it’s not just our problem – in countries all over the world where the covid-19 epidemic is expanding rapidly, a public outcry has been created that has led to food hoarding and attacks on specific supermarket products such as toilet paper. One of the hygiene products that can almost never be found on the shelves is the alcohol, which the companies that produce it no longer meet the demand. Due to the mass attack on the product, quite a few chains decided to raise the price dramatically and take advantage of the situation – but not so did a supermarket in Denmark, where only 4 bottles of alcohol remained. 

In the supermarket, which belongs to the Rotunden chain, hung a sign that suddenly stopped the product. And what was written about him? Very simple: one alcohol bottle costs 40DKK (worth almost $ 6), while two bottles will already cost 1,000DKK (worth about $ 143). 

The management actually did a “reverse” operation – where the payment stays the same or discounted because they take more of the same product, who chooses to buy over one bottle and store it is actually penalized and paid more. The idea, of course, is not only to avoid the mass and unnecessary panic, but also to protect those who cannot at once finance a major purchase and thus are left without necessary products.

Web users exposed to this method have been enthusiastic about the simple idea, support the supermarket management and now urge other networks to do the same for them. So soon in our state?


David T

David T is a french Medical student, during its free time, he is writing for The Medical Progress and helping us to understand better the Coronavirus.

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