How long does the Coronavirus (COVID-19) survive on surfaces?

The coronavirus not only drops in a person-by-person manner but manages to survive on various surfaces such as cardboard, metal and plastic.

How long does he manage to survive on each of them and how can you avoid contagion if touched?

The guidelines for not hugging or shaking hands are already familiar to most citizens, but what about touching different surfaces on which the virus might be found?

Professor Gabi Barbash, the former CEO of the yechilov hospital in tel Aviv, explains that there is no need to worry about receiving deliveries from the supermarket, but notes that the virus may be on different surfaces and infect those affected.

Experts from around the world who are going to publish an article in their research have shown that the virus can stay on cardboard for a full day and on metal – for up to three days.

On plastic between 3-2 days and on copper for only four hours, this is because it has anti-bacterial and anti-viral capabilities.

Therefore, the recommendation to wash your hands at the end of any contact on any surface is necessary to prevent infection of the virus.


Gemma Wilson

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