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Coronavirus: in Ardèche, the gendarmes humorously offer to test your cannabis

The gendarmes of Ardèche make humor. They invite marijuana holders to come to the brigade, in case the brigade is contaminated with coronavirus.

It is not yet April 1 but everything like. The Ardèche gendarmes invite cannabis holders to deposit their booty with the brigade on the pretext that it could be contaminated by the coronavirus.

“Have you recently acquired a little marijuana? Do you have any doubts that it may be contaminated with Coronavirus Covid-19? Report to the brigade at your place of residence, we will test your merchandise “, can be read on the Facebook post of the gendarmerie.

“For greater efficiency and better reliability of results, provide us with the identity of the person who sold it to you as well as all the elements you have on the supply chain, we will take care of the rest.

Our procedure also works for cannabis resin, cocaine, heroin and many other substances. “

Sally Anderson

Sally is a Masters in Business Administration by education. After completing her post-graduation, Sally jumped the journalism bandwagon as a freelance journalist. Soon after that she landed a job of reporter and has been climbing the news industry ladder ever since to reach the post of editor.

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