Let’s help predict the coronation’s next outbreak

Researchers from the Weizmann Institute and the Hebrew University are working to build a tool to help predict the following coronary outbreaks – and they need your help: Complete the anonymous questionnaire attached once a day, and the information will help researchers and the Ministry of Health deal with the virus
How do you identify the locations of the corona’s spread? Weizmann Institute and the Hebrew University have recently developed a tool designed to do just that – but they need the help of the general public.

Objective: Identify the current eruption foci, and of course predict the following eruption foci. Want to help? Fill out this questionnaire.For more updates and submitting your stories – go to the news Facebook page

The spread of the corona virus is done in clusters of adherence, so their early identification can prevent the spread. The researchers, working in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, aim to reach about one million Israelis who complete the questionnaire once a day.

With the help of the questionnaire, researchers will receive information that will enable them to achieve five important goals: locating the centers of expansion and patients quickly; Getting an up-to-date snapshot of the number of people in each area who have developed symptoms.

Predicting the following eruption centers several days before the eruption; Assessing the effectiveness of remote operations; And building a tool that would allow the Ministry of Health to make targeted decisions by region, and make it easier or worse to take steps in a specific way.

The pilot was launched last night, and so far 1,500 residents have entered it. The questionnaire is anonymous, and the data collected will only be used to track the spread of the virus.


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