Coronavirus: how is Covid 19 transmitted?

Covid-19 is a type of coronavirus that is spread through close contact.

the coronavirus epidemic has left 127 dead and more than 5,400 cases of contamination in France according to the latest official report. It is about thirty deaths in 24 hours and 900 additional people tested positive for covid-19, which is spreading at a crazy speed. But how is it transmitted?

The coronavirus is transmitted from human to human via close contacts (hence the instructions to limit physical interactions and to wash your hands often). But also by air because of the micro-droplets that the patients spread by coughing or sneezing.

On average, micro-droplets spread the virus at a distance of one meter. This explains the safety distance recommended by the health authorities and to be observed in queues at the supermarket or pharmacy.

The virus can survive around 3 hours in the air.

There is also the probability of being contaminated by touching a surface where the coronavirus has caught and then putting the hands to the face.
According to recent scientific studies, the virus survives 24 hours on a cardboard surface, three days on plastic and steel, four days on wood, five days on glass and three hours in air.

It is therefore important to observe the greatest caution and disinfect surfaces and objects at risk such as doorknobs, switches, remote controls, telephones or even computer mice and keyboards.

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