Matt Colvin bought 17,700 bottles of sanitizer hoping to make money on the CORONAVIRUS demand

Two brothers took advantage of the crisis caused by the coronavirus to buy a large number of sanetizer gel bottles and masks to sell them at higher prices by Amazon, until the well-known buy and sell page discovered everything and suspended it.Due to this situation, he has kept 17,700 bottles that he cannot sell in theUnited States.

This is the story of brothers Noah and Matt Colvin, who managed to sell 200 packages of these products through Amazon at a higher price.So they decided to bet big and buy a lot of merchandise that they loaded on a truck.

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So in one day they managed to sell each bottle for $ 70, but when Amazon discovered the situation, they decided to suspend their account.So they could no longer market 17,700 bottles they had purchased.

In this situation, the brothers no longer know what to do with this large number of bottles that they keep at home.

‘What am I going to do with all this?’

“What the hell am I going to do with all this?” Asked Matt Colvin in an interview for the New York Times.

To avoid similar cases of exploitation due to the circumstances of the coronavirus .”The price increase is a clear violation of our policies, unethical and, in some areas, illegal,” Amazon said in a statement.

For this reason, other people who acted similarly to the Colvin brothers were also suspended by Amazon and could not market their merchandise either.

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