Coronavirus: scenes of chaos and endless queues at airports

While it is recommended to maintain a certain distance (at least one meter) with its congeners and to prefer confinement at home, many individuals have found themselves clustered in several airports around the world, overwhelmed by the influx of passengers.

In Morocco, thousands of tourists have been stranded in the Kingdom whose authorities announced without notice the closure of air links with several European countries, including France, causing tense situations whose images have circulated on social networks.

Scenes of chaos have also been observed in the United States where the new controls put in place to curb the spread of the coronavirus on the American territory has wreaked havoc at several airports. Since Saturday, thousands of passengers often find themselves on top of each other waiting many hours, in defiance of health recommendations on “social distancing”.

As in a sci-fi story that suddenly becomes real, in Pakistan, hygiene teams disinfect Lahore airport, as shown in this video posted on Twitter.

For its part, France has decided to drastically reduce long-distance transport, in order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, with rail traffic soon to be halved and only “a few international flights”, the government announced on Sunday. “Long distance” transport by train, coach or plane will be “gradually reduced” in the coming days, said Minister for the Ecological Transition Élisabeth Borne.

The airports of Paris specified in a tweet the boarding gates for flights still operating like those of EasyJet or Pegasus.

Gemma Wilson

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