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Cannabis Companies are Using Blockchain Technology to Establish the Trust Factor

Increasing Numbers of Marijuana companies are taking to the blockchain technology. Several Cannabis companies are using technology in a variety of ways.  Even those people who do not trust anything put their trust in blockchain technology. Cannabis companies are using blockchain technology to establish a trust factor.

Why Cannabis Companies need Blockchain?

For instance, consider the situation below:

Newer strains of mold-resistant Marijuana are out in the market. Jared Cox, on January 01, 2020, published the details of the strains, the strain breeder, the sex and the yield, and the details for buying the seed for the new strain.

The names of the 20 Marijuana strains are: 1. The New.  2.  Rare Hindu.  3.  Wedding Flowers.  4. Mamacita’s Cookies.  5.  South Plant.  6.  Strawberry Cane.  7.  Quick Gorilla.  8.  Terra Italia CBD.  9.  Tropicanna Banana.  10.  Black Cherry Punch.     Regular new strains, according to the report, are 1. New Order.  2.  God Lemon.  3.  Nerds OG.  4.  Chapita de Michoacan.  5.  Tangie Cookies.  6. Auto New Strains 2020 – Purple Lemonade Auto.  7.  Fro-Yo Auto.  8.  Auto Kong 9.  Cosmic Bomb Auto 10. Ogre auto.

The seeds got sold in compliance with the law and without support for any illegal activities.

Cannabis Strains Blockchain Technology to Avoid Mixing of Strains

When reading the above publication, it is obvious there are too many strains and newer ones coming out each day. When a customer orders a strain, and the same is passed on to the customer.  In the absence of blockchain technology, the end customer has to place blind-trust on the sender. And, believe that what is got is what he/she ordered for.

However, when the blockchain technology is integrated into the entire system right from the procurement of the seed through growth, lab testing, grading, distribution, and finally, through retail sales, the end customer has sufficient assurance. Anyone will be able to independently verify the passage of the strain through different hands and locations, thus providing for accuracy of strain delivery.

The record-keeping is secure without the need for a trusted third party to do it.  It is not easy for all parties to trust each other. And most people do not place the trust factor very quickly.  Escrow agents are required to ensure trust.  The whole idea of the blockchain industry is to facilitate something like the Escrow system on the immutable distributed ledger to track the transactions.

The common usage of BlockchainBlockchain is cryptocurrency.  Blockchain can do a lot of things than just tracking money and cryptocurrency. Tracking Cannabis through phases is one of the significant jobs of Cannabis Blockchain Technology.


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